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Dermocosmetics and supplements based on plant extracts obtained in supercritical extraction CO 2

Hemp flowers 20 g

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Hemp flowers-Finola variety. Dried in natural ways at low temperatures, hand-processed and sorted. Contains 2-4% CBDA + CBD. Packaging 20g.


Hemp is one of the most effective herbs with a very wide spectrum of activity. The blend contains a cannabinoid complex, particularly rich in CBDA and CBD, and dozens of other substances such as resins, fats, wax, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, terpenes, flavonoids, choline and many others. Very high level of antioxidants! It is ideal for infusions, extracts, wraps, baths, inhalations or as an addition to dishes. Store in a dry, cool place. A product free of psychoactive effects. The drought is obtained from cannabis varieties authorized for cultivation in EU countries, which contain THC <0.2%.

Hemp flowers 20 g