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Dermocosmetics and supplements based on plant extracts obtained in supercritical extraction CO 2

Natural care and nutrition with natural plant extracts.

Thanks to plant extracts, you will provide your body with proper hydration, faster regeneration and natural care. In traditional cosmetics and supplements you will only find traces of extracts. For example, in 50 ml creams there is 1% -5% of this type of oily active substances in its entire mass, i.e. about 0.5g - 2.5g. Our products contain 100% active substances - without fillers, preservatives and artificial substances.

Plant extracts are extracts from plants, and more specifically extracts from their flowers, leaves, bark, roots, seeds or fruits. They exhibit strong biological activity due to the extremely rich composition of organic compounds naturally found in nature. They are a valued cosmetic, care and pharmaceutical ingredients. They are a completely natural raw material, which is why they cause adverse effects much less often.

Is it worth using plant extracts?

Scientific research confirms that natural substances are much better tolerated by the body than synthetic substances.

Plant extracts guarantee safe and healthy care, without interfering with our natural rhythm and renewal processes. In contrast to cosmetics of chemical origin, natural cosmetics stimulate our skin to work and reconstruct naturally.

Supercritical CO2 extraction and its advantages.

Extraction with supercritical CO2 is the most modern method of obtaining the highest quality plant extracts.

The use of state-of-the-art technology allows effective acquisition of pure plant extracts without losing their properties. Extraction of CO2 is a safe process and has no negative impact on the natural environment. The supercritical carbon dioxide rinses all active ingredients from the raw plant material, releasing the pure plant essence, containing all active ingredients in high concentration and unprecedented purity. Extracts obtained by this method do not contain any inorganic chemistry and retain even more natural active ingredients than freeze-dried ones. The relatively low temperature of the process does not degrade any active ingredients of the plant. Thanks to this, their health and organoleptic quality is preserved. Plant extracts obtained by this method are perfectly microbiologically clean and there is no need for their subsequent purification, because CO2 after the entire process evaporates without a trace (eventually goes to food saturators). The whole process takes place without air access - the product obtained has no chance of undergoing any oxidative changes. After changing the physical conditions (pressure and temperature), it escapes into the atmosphere, releasing the pure plant essence, containing all active ingredients in high concentration and unprecedented purity.

Superiority over classic extracts.

The use of supercritical CO2 extraction allows the extraction of active substances contained in plants in the purest form.

Traditionally, plant extracts are obtained by macerating a vegetable raw material with solvents such as water, ethanol, methanol, glycerol, etc. The obtained extracts contain residual solvents. As a result of heating, the compounds contained therein lose their original properties. Extracts obtained by extraction of supercritical CO2 at low temperature are microbiologically sterile and retain the most active ingredients.