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Dermocosmetics and supplements based on plant extracts obtained in supercritical extraction CO 2

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From idea to reality

As it usually happens, new ideas are the result of chance. It was the same with us. From the beginning, our activity was based on the processing of organic raw materials. Firstly we dealt in micronization of plant raw materials-that means crushing particles to such a small size that their absorbability and absorption increased. Extraction was our next step and we were amazed by the possibilities it gave us. We've never been able to steal the nature of her treasures with such precision and in intact form. Our mission is to search for and develop the production of new natural extracts. We want to give you 100% natural products that are a source of health and beauty.

Essenz  Team

We use only non-gmo raw materials.

We do not use any preservatives or additives in our products. Carbon dioxide extraction leaves no solvent in the product obtained. Extracts obtained by this method are the highest quality natural preparations available on the market. The advantage of extraction with supercritical CO2 is the non-rinsing of heavy metals and pesticides. Our extracts do not even have trace amounts of these substances.

100% quality guarantee.

We pack our extracts only in dark, pharmaceutical glass bottles. The active substances in the preparations are sensitive to temperatures and sunlight. Carbon dioxide is a natural preservative. Expiration dates are at least 2 years after opening the bottle. The closed extract stored at low temperature (fridge) retains its properties for up to 4 years. Be sure to leave the packaging for longer at room temperature so that the essence becomes liquid again after being removed from the refrigerator. The pouring of essences into packaging takes place in laboratory conditions while maintaining special protection against microorganisms.